so this is it then

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i wanna know

fake it till you make it?


“blow over me solar wind”

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alone. tea. records. time. ice. snow. steel cut.
captain blacks. harry and sally. andrew and mandi. me.
cool breeze. dougie fresh. spare room. fire. friends. portland.

“i know i’m lacking. i want what i see.”

prettay prettay prettay prettay good

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all i want:
to listen to these songs on repeat until everything is settled.


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“never make someone a priority, when they only make you an option.”

“i will hold on to the feeling”

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i’ve had a rough week and a half at work and it takes a considerable amount of effort to not feel like i’m stuck in a dark dungeon. my awesome coworkers and friends have opened their ears for venting sessions and luckily i’ve been able to let things go most evenings. i also have good things going right now that are keeping me quite happy!

focus on the positive:

learning more about urban farming in seattle
rad walks
watching rad documentaries at meaningful movies
getting connected to the seattle tilth
volunteering at children’s
checking the warehouse’s show at the theater
massive amounts of sleep
hosting “make something awesome v1
carving a pumpkin
making a tasty apple pie
collecting leaves
fresh made cider from seattle neighborhood apples
i’m drinking a lot of water these days
my radiators
cotton jones and bill callahan on the record player
spending time with the gasts


October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

i’m ready! i love it! i love you!

apple and pumpkin picking
pie making
jelly canning
ski jacket buying
long walks (all bundled up) through leaf changing woods
early nights in with records and books
warm drinks and delicious fall brews
warm socks
halloween (this year, canadian-style!)
excellent visits from old and new friends


“quite good. quite excellent good.”

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