best of ’66. best of ’11.

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

i’ve had the best week in vancouver and its not even over!

i feel so lucky to have this time here.

please note: i plan to spend a ridiculous amount of time in this fair city in the coming months and am looking to move here for a short or long amount of time.


so far:
rumpus room drinks.
many awesome meals made and enjoyed with alanna.

bands at john rogers park.
making a list of rad ways canadians say things like “runners” and “washroom”.
beachy morning with lovely ladies and their kiddies at english bay.
outdoor movie at stanley park.
long lazy lunch with richard and leah at nuba.

queenie park time.
lots of beer drinking and bike riding.
falling asleep sitting up watching a flick projected on the wall of alanna’s apt.
whisky ginger drinks.
deck time with books, beer, computers, and a+ conversation.
work time at alanna’s studio.



rad records. tasty din. excellent company.


looking forward to:
bike ride to a beach bonfire tonight.
brohm lake swimming adventure.
checking bands at trout lake.
sweet early show at the biltmore.
block party.
continuing to hang with and meet new nice peeps.
reading How Should a Person Be? by Heti.



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