i’m great as one but so much better as one of two. can you dig it?

April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

side two of bill callahan’s “apocalypse” is a catalyst of dreamy yet focused thoughts this afternoon. it was so perfect to come home to after a lovely day of exploring the neighborhood, enjoying the sun, drinking coffee, watching the clouds and saying hello to the folks i passed who happily took advantage of a perfect day to work on their yards, walk their dogs, or stroll along solo, just like me.

instead of reading for school, i’ve been deep in kvothe’s world with callahan as a mighty force continually interrupting, with perfect timing, allowing my thoughts to trip, light as the whistling, piano and flute through the song “free’s”. i am very much awake but a dreamlike vibe has veiled my mood and thoughts and i welcome the bounce between a world of black magic and tragedy and thoughts of past and future love.

i want to slow dance to side two of his apocalypse and live in a place where i feel both grounded and aloof; in love and just as dependent as i am independent. there is so much to gain in sharing struggle, success and comfort with another. its important to feel full on your own but oh, i would like to overflow as two, on repeat.

i will continue to listen, read and embrace the in between.

i had such a lovely day.


“and the mountains
and the mountains bowed down
in the morning sun
like a ballet of the heart
yeah the mountains bowed down
like a ballet
in the morning sun”
-b. callahan


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