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April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

this week is going to be just as awesome as the end of last week:

no students all week so i can get a ton of paperwork done
volunteering is back in full swing
new classes start at uw
rad shows: one on thursday (ravenna woods) and one on friday (moon duo and young prisms)
time with krystal
lots of time for reading
a visit with you?


do you believe you can will things to happen? do you make a wish when you see a car with only one headlight working at night? do you throw your hand up in a short little wave to things you love or miss when you pass a spot that brings their memory to mind? have you ever played spin the bottle? do you have a plan to escape from your car if your car started to sink because the floating bridge you were driving on collapsed? do you ever daydream about me?

on repeat:

i love this song. mega. double mega. “mega mega” listen to everything going on. in the front. in the back. coming in and out. love the delay. how he layered everything. love the glass-like keyboard and virbaphoney bits. how he speeds up and slows down background vocal tracks. the waves. so mega.

call me when you’ve figured things out. i’ll be happy to speak with you.


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