March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

one + thirty

goals for my 31st year:

1 keep up with my workouts so i can get back into rowing fairly easy
1.1 buy some good running shoes
1.2 new gym membership
1.3 warrior dash with mandi and marissa
1.4 run a 5 or 10K

2 become a regular at the knee high stocking co

3 try/visit a new place each week (restaurant, city, farm, etc…)

4 try kayaking

5 continue increasing the time i spend playing/creating/having fun with instruments and my computer
5.1 practice the guitar each day
5.2 buy an amp
5.3 figure out how to perform, live, the songs i’ve recorded
5.3.1 become proficient using my new delay pedal
5.4 write and record at least fifteen more songs that are around one minute in length
5.5 increase the time i play music with other people

6 visit vancouver bc
6.1 hang with richard and leah
6.2 eat sushi

7 make new things/successfully make things i have failed making in the past
7.1 kombucha
7.2 bread
7.3 cinnamon rolls

8 write more letters

9 buy a bike
9.1 ride to the east side
9.2 ride to fremont brewery this summer
9.3 take my bike on a ferry and bike around an island for a day

10 stay committed to the vanpool that’s getting set-up at work
10.1 get to bed earlier during the week
10.2 wake up earlier during the week

11 get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
11.1 if i can’t get in 7 hours, for whatever reason, rest/nap the next day

12 meditate daily

13 when things aren’t working, challenge the way i think or react


i think that’s a good start. i’ll add more as i see fit. thirty one is going to be a great year! so many positives going into it!


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