March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

timing is never right. timing is always perfect.

as much as i wish things would work out how i’d like for once, i’m actually always happy, after the fact, that they don’t…as the universe seems to have great ups and downs for me to experience and learn and grow from that make the future always brighter. but…..there is always a bit of a sucky period getting over something that doesn’t quite work.

massive fun with maci and krystal and justin saturday night
awesome homemade pop tarts v2.0
brunch with a big family crew for my grandfather’s birthday
bikram yoga for the first time
pizza with a new pal
almost done with the sun also rises…pluggin along re-reading the name of the wind. can’t wait to get started on the sequel and then the game of thrones series will commence shortly after……
a little itty bit of quality time, sunday-style, with a friend i haven’t spent time with in a long while
artist home awesomeness



winterlich mix
can: tago mago
david crosby: if i could only remember my name
kurt vile: smoke ring for my halo
twin shadow: forget
wild nothing: gemini
papercuts: fading parade
kelli schaefer: ghost of the beast
toro y moi: underneath the pine
dirty beaches: anything i can find on the net from his upcoming (march 27) album badlands

recommended but yet to check:
the fugazi documentary: instrument
wye oak’s new one
smith western’s dye it blonde
new panda bear singles that have been coming out (waiting patiently for record store day to get his new album tomboy)
soft machine
a variety of kraftwerk
relatively clean rivers





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