i am not your consolation prize….

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

those extra two hours i napped this afternoon did the trick. somehow i’m reset again. back to the word: contenta. dig?


decisions. stress. a life full of responsibilities and so many things i want to do with such little time in the day, week, month, to fit them all in. but i guess the decisions i’ve been making the last week or so are right on-where i need to be-because i’m feeling more balanced today than i have since being back from vacation. and it just clicked when i woke up from my unexpected, pass-out-hard-sheet-mark-style nap this afternoon.


things i know:
i love my friends
i love making and eating good food with them
i love going to shows
i love dancing
i love the rain when its indecisive
i dig being different/weird
i like it when i surprise myself
taking risks is something i will continue to do
i will not take the path most travelled
the next time it snows, i will make a snow angel and take a picture
i want to visit alaska in the winter and again in the summer

take note: i’m pretty much done with indecision. i refuse to sit around and wait for things to happen. i will learn and move forward. i can get in spaces where its hard to remember, but we have control over how we react to the world and what the universe throws at us and the decisions we make. we can choose to be happy or sad or take an unexpected opportunity or not……………………and that is the best thing about it all.


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