October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

i had a great week!
again, so grateful for the
wonderful people in my life!!

started the week with a lovely visit from ashlee. i can’t wait until she comes back with a little more time to show her around a bit more! she definitely got a taste of capitol hill though!

work went really well this week! so refreshing. haha! highlights: friday morning dance party, a talk about classroom values and what’s important to my students and then caramel apple making! and…….SO proud of one of my students who showed a lot of maturity in a meeting this week where his father was being quite a jerk…he used his coping skills and we’ve been practicing giving and receiving honest feedback and he totally gave his dad very honest respectful feedback-in the past he would have cussed up a storm, made threats or done something of the like…it made me so proud and happy even though the situation was ultra shitty….i smiled so big and can’t stop telling people how proud i am of him!

i played wii for the first time with a kiddo at children’s on monday. totally beat him at madden football. whoops! we also played yahtzee and some 10,000 like dice game that he taught me that started with an “F”?! i don’t know.. had a lot of fun though!

had thai and then watched jack goes boating with my new almost ex-army friend kyle

checked the space needle for the first time with carlos and megan followed by marios (my new hangout!), molly moons and a nice walk and chat at cal anderson

fun hangout with vince and his daughter: she offered to read my book club book to me to help me finish it! haha… so great! we saw salt which was pretty awesome!

took third in the tail of the lake regatta today in the mixed masters 8 race! sweet! looking forward to the portland classic at the end of the month

spent some time with my folks. they just got back from hawaii. watched the karate kid with my mother…..hadn’t seen that in forever!


looking forward to:
the drums tomorrow at neumos
book club on thursday: book talk, good food, awesome company
knit purl knit on saturday then thao
maybe ty segall on sunday?!
more sleep

i can’t stop singing this. seriously…on repeat in the car, at home and in my head….



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