so much music, so little time

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment


tried lavendar nail polish for the first time on my fingernails and dig it!

the door to my apartment was just sanded down again and i no longer get a workout opening and shutting my door! pretty exciting!

wrote a 52 second song on garageband i’m proud of. want to post it but not sure if that’s possible. if you’re interested in checking it, let me know and i’ll send it your way. super excited to be messing around and trying some chillwavey stuff of my own! i totally need an amp and some new effects pedals. having fun though. having fun!

i’m diggin my new specs! totally nerdy. totally awesome!

excited about this new vonnegut book group that has spawned. started with just my dad and i and now there are five people, maybe six. we will be discussing hocus pocus, making din and drinking on october 7. if you’re interested in joining up, let me know!

brian eno: 14 video paintings was a little disappointing. i was only able to watch and listen to half the dvd called “thursday afternoon” which were shots of naked and half naked women with ambient music as the soundtrack. the music was definitely more enjoyable than the distorted shots of the women although the coloring of some of the partially dressed women was pretty rad. bummed i couldn’t get the second half of the dvd, mistaken memories of “mediaeval manhattan” to work. apparently, eno turned his video camera on the side, pointed it out the window and hit record. then watched the film through a tv turned on its side to correct the camera’s positioning? i don’t know. sounded rad. maybe i can ask netflix for another copy and give that a whirl.

this week is going so much better than last week. work has been so overwhelming and at times i feel very stuck. i am so thankful for supportive friends, co-workers and family that have been there to listen and help problem solve. i’m so happy to have people in my life that care about me like they do!!

i’m super excited to hang with ashlee a few days next week! so excited to host her while she’s up here for a training!

i’m really diggin my meditation and compassion practice. combined with accupuncture, i’m moving in a direction where i feel more centered, connected and better able to see the path unfolding in front of me.

tunes on repeat:
B.I.G. E.G.O-Wise Blood
I Only Have Eyes For You-Summer Camp
Dearling Darling-The Feelings
Danelectro 3-Yo La Tengo
From Stardust to Sentience-High Places



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