September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

what a week, what a life………………

i’ve been so ridiculously busy at work the last few weeks that i am completely worn out for all the other stuff in my life that keeps me ridiculously busy and happy outside of work. after a major breakdown on tuesday and acupuncture and a lesson from my teacher wednesday, i’m feeling a lot better; have a much better perspective.

i have a lot of decisions to make in the next couple of months that are very challenging to process. especially when there are other things going that aren’t positive-concerning health issues & feeling stuck in my job are the two biggies.

on the upside, in one area of my life i’m working hard to eliminate negative thoughts, vibes, energy…and i’m feeling like i’ve been able to move forward. a big part of that is a steadily increasing awareness and a continued focus on being present….

i started a new meditation yesterday…a chant for compassion. very different than the other meditation i’ve done. my teacher gave me a beaded bracelet to help me stay focused which i’ll keep on to help me stay centered throughout the day. this is new and challenging and i’m looking forward to practicing.

also notable: this sunday i row in my first head race-the row for the cure. i’m a bit nervous as the course is 5500 meters. i’ve only raced in 1000 meter sprints. just hoping it’ll be fun and of course, its for a great cause: breast cancer awareness!


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