July 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Went camping on the Olympic Penninsula! Got to check out the sweet beach on a sunny day at La Push and a small town parade too! Slept in a tent by myself for the first time-two nights in a row!!

Had a really difficult conversation with someone I care about very much. Hope things can work out with that at some point………

Excited to head to Portland next weekend! It’ll be nice to get away again for a little and see Alison and Lane and hopefully Eric and Ashlee!

Oh man! The Kurt and Warhol exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum are really great! Had fun taking some photos of a strip of photobooth pics afterwards….

Checking Micmacs tonight with Marissa! Dig!

Thinking about getting an iPhone……….My phone is totally busted and I’m not under contract with TMobile anymore. Nervous about having the internet so handy though! And Apps! Yikes!

Diggin lots of new records I’m listening through. Some are great for laying on the couch with my eyes closed, others are perfect for a mid afternoon dance party in my living room……….Javelin, Wavves, Foals…..

Excited for the Ariel Pink show coming up….The rad song Round and Round is on the summer mix I’m working on…speaking of the mix…oh man! Its gonna be a good one! So stoked!

Hoping the universe is listening to my requests………..


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