so much music, so little time

May 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I hit up good ole Sonic Boom this afternoon to check on the Broken Social Scene record that I ordered. Walked away with two new albums-the new Woods album At Echo Lake and The Beets, Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want to Be Cool…I’ve been wanting At Echo Lake since I came across a couple of their songs off At Echo Lake on the internet about a month ago. *btw: one of those songs is totally on the “a spring in my step” mix i just finished. if you want a copy, please let me know and i’ll hook you up* And I’ve totally been digging everything I’ve heard of The Beets. They were supposed to play at the Comet this Saturday afternoon (on their way to BC?), but they’re now off the bill. Bummer! Oh! And I totally ordered the newish Bobby Birdman, New Moods, finally. Had a nice chat with the duder at the record store about Woods. He gave me the heads up about their show at the Tractor on Monday June 7 and told me to keep an eye out for a hard to find cd of theirs called Family Creeps. Dig! He also gave me a discount cause they didn’t have my Broken Social Scene album in yet.

Part of me wants to pause on the record buying because I have SO much to listen to/through at the moment but good shit keeps coming out/catching my attention and yeah….love it! A new mix has already been started. I wonder if I can whip it out by the end of spring or if this will be a beginning of summer type mix…..Hard to say with the vibe of the music and the weather situation………………………………………. xoxo


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