January 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

you know friend, this is a god damn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation…

well, maybe…..

today was a day of reading, listening, watching, thinking, relaxing and now writing…here and in my new journal for the year which was a lovely gift from a lovely friend.

oh how introspection can take over my brain…spent a chunk of the day, how i often do when i have alot of time on my hands, thinking about my life, experiences, places i’ve been, people i love, where i want to explore, what i’d like to do when i’m fifty…..what i’d like to do tonight and five days from now…

i have had a very relaxing day, but found myself at times a bit lonely. i am definitely a proponent of alone time, but as my thoughts aren’t always occupied with happy, fun, pleasing things, i will have series of moments when a small sailboat of thoughts gets thrown about on rough watery pathways in my brain connecting what-ifs, people i miss, and seemingly hopeless situations. this in between reading rad reviews, blogs about living in south america, finishing brokeback mountain for the first time, reading inspiring articles about successful art spaces and connecting bradford cox to other musicians i dig-things i’ve immensely enjoyed throughout the day…which makes me really try to gain perspective on my current location in the grand scheme of things.

so…yeah. i’ve had an awesome day sprinkled with some ugh times. i actually really end up liking days like today as they can be challenging but also relaxing and hopeful. today i’ve been able to read up on and reflect on awesome shit; acknowledge my feelings-positive and otherwise; and attempt to learn from rough blows by trying to look at some unsatisfactory situations in more constructive ways and instead of so much wishful thinking, focusing on the good right in front of me-here and now…..

obsessing over:
atlas sound (old and new….presently listening to “you’re so fine” off the altitude sickness ep)
here and there in the new york art scene 1940s-1980s
the small black record i bought on my trip: umm…..yes!!!
pomegranate juice with fizzy water
music that moves me
finding new tunes, making mixes


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