January 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

i’ve been thinking alot about the idea of home. what makes a place home? home being the actual place in which you live (house, apt, room…) or the idea of being at peace with yourself, or the actual space, community and city in which you live. i’ve also been thinking alot about love and relationships i have with people in my life. and about connecting with people…and this brings me to what i’ve been putting off till after the holidays-brainstorming what i want to do in the next couple of years….with a focus on living life and loving in the fullest possible ways!

in addition to my ten in ten goals, i plan to thoughtfully brainstorm where i’m at and where i’d like to go. think: massive pro/con lists, messing with my finances, traveling, exploring ideas and places, classes, volunteering….i’ve been putting it off but the time has come! its going to be massively fun and intense! i think a big part of really figuring shit out and following through with this hinges on being in a space (mentally, physically, what have you) where i am at home with myself.


thinking about:
doing something crazy with my hair
riding a horse
singing a song to you at the top of my lungs
what it would be like to jump off a cliff into a lagoon
holding hands
seeing avatar in 3D
my awesome friends


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