…got a one man show

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

so begins 2010…


i’ve got a belly full of popcorn, candy and chinese food. and eyes tried from a big screen movie, a movie downloaded by my bro, and now some tv on dvd. as i sit alone on his couch as the third hour of the newest year approaches, i’m excited to start fresh on such a mellow positive vibe. i finished goals for the year and feel pretty stoked to get started on them straight away…

so. if you didn’t know, i was asked to participate in a lovely thing called “ten in two thousand ten“. click that link and you’ll be taken to a blog my friend michele set-up to track hers, mine and some other nice people’s goals for this year. i’ll repost them here, but keep updated over on that site, if you’d like…

1. react to drama in a positive way; constructively

2. participate in at least three races/regattas

3. dance more, especially in public

4. write a letter and send it at least once every two weeks

5. travel to at least two countries, preferably france (paris), canada, belgium and/or germany (berlin)

6. do at least one thing just for myself each day

7. buy a new plant and keep it alive

8. try/make/bake/create, etc one new thing a month…treats, art, music, food…

9. create a mission/blueprint/business plan of some sort for a possible art/music space

10. finish reading at least one of the two books my brother gave me recently- the moonstone by wilkie collins or the name of the wind by patrick rothfuss (they are both 400+pages)

happy new year! love you!

play all night….


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