worried that you might have a small hole in your soul…..

November 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

stop and try again

ok. so i’ve had a heck of a week.

so sick for three and a half days…stir crazy-so bored. lonely. nauseous-missed some work
knitting like crazy
a lovely night with records and reading and pasta sauce making
h1n1 vaccine
dinner at smith with shannon to catch-up
my rowing club’s auction: dress up, drink, eat, visit, bid, fun!
whirlyball for jed’s 30th: so ridiculous and fun
sweater purchasing
girls night out: 500 days of summer and 9lb hammer with krystal
the bummer: end of a fun time with a rad dude
hanging with the best family ever playing picnic, drawing hand turkeys, eating awesome spaghetti, making cookies, drinking beer and taking ridiculous photos

looking forward to…
hanging with good friends and family all week-starting tonight with a late night catch-up with karl.
winter conditioning with my rowing crew-excited to get my body ready for next season but its going to be hard work to get there.
cozy evenings baking and knitting and relaxing
my upcoming december trip to new york. i love that city! so much to do and see. my brother and natalie, great restaurants, museums, parks, galleries, pizza, walks, bridges, music, good friends…
getting some oxfords
volunteering at children’s hospital
getting over it…

i’ve had a lot of time this week to think about where i’m at and what i’m doing. i’ve come to the conclusion that i really like my life right now. i have the best friends, a lovely apt, a challenging job with the best co-workers, a great group of people to row with, my family close, a beautiful city with so much water and snow falling in the mountains-accumulating so i can have so much fun skiing this year! so many great things in my life. still haven’t found that slow dance partner…but even though things continually don’t work out how i hope in the dude dept. i will continue to be optimistic and roll with the punches of dating and hanging and trying new things…


*best case scenario*


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