September 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

i can’t get enough

the wolf by papercuts
two doves by dirty projectors

i started a new mix called “dead/undead”
oh you just wait! its going to be killer!! hahahaha!
I’ve been on a romantic comedy kick in between true blood episodes and stories from demonlogy…
i started with my lovely pride and predjudice discs (the colin firth version-sigh). i grabbed a handful of videos from my folks that i haven’t gotten into quite yet…but oh will i!
fall has begun and i’m totally stoked, but we haven’t fallen back quite yet which is fine with me..the weather seems to agree. i had a nice row tonight on beautiful water after an afternoon high in the 80s. WHAT?! i sculled tonight in a single which was difficult and scary but also super sweet.

Little Sadness
by Jeffrey McDaniel

I know the pain inside me, that the sadness
has not gone away forever, but where is it?
Come here, my little sadness, I whisper
down my esophagus. Oh, here

he comes, the three-legged bugger
with mother’s turpentine eyes and fur
the exact gray the afternoon sky was
when Dad hurled the television

out the third-story window. Here,
my petite clump of misery
, I mutter, hop
onto my lap. Up. Up.
Of course

he can’t, but tries anyways, bashing
his bony head against my kneecap,
whimpering. Good, little sadness, good.

*call on me, call on me, call on meeeee*

bonus: check this short: werner hertzog eats his shoe


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