you’ve changed…some

August 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

i’m out of whack. it’s official.

right from this second forward, for at least one week and two days, i will focus on doing things differently. i will grab some jumper cables later this evening and give myself a little jump start. i let myself feel pretty low, but i’m totally committed to being positive and care free during my vacation that starts now.

the first step towards this evening’s happier mood was getting out of my house and visiting two lovely ladies who have been excellent company. crayons tracing hands, watermelon & limeade fancy libations, wiggling while watching sweet music videos…

now: movie, knitting, chilling the fuck out, being brave in the emptiness of my house

and…getting over wanting something different with someone i like quite a bit. why is it so hard for me to move on? well, i know the answer but yeah. i’ll learn a bit and move forward and find that different awesome something with someone else…its sad to say that though.


why’s the bedroom so cold…turned away on your side.

Things to keep me (and you?) busy this week…
tator tots with tapatio&ketchup, shuffleboard and happy hour at Twlight Exit
pilot books
packing, then moving on tuesday!
portland on wednesday!
pacific ocean breezes, dunes and sunsets


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