July 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

summer has been treating me well. lots of exploring and adventures. some rough bits but lots of great bits.

The universe has been challenging me:

Scary almost car accident life flashing before me situation involving me spinning around multiple times on I-90 and stopping facing oncoming traffic.

End of a potentially awesome relationship

The departure of a good man

Two good friends moving to other states in the next few weeks

Restless feelings: moving and trying something new again vs. staying put a little longer
Looking forward to:

Blind date

The beach beach

Birthdays and parties this week

Finding the perfect apartment

True Blood

Pilot Books: ridiculously excited to check out this new small press bookstore in capitol hill

Frightened Rabbit coming in September

Trips slowly forming in my brain, percolating: Paris, Belgium, New York, Northeast, Montreal, Peru, Russia…

Reading the books I just got from Powells:
The Invention of Morel by Casares
one of my favorite stories

After the Quake by Murakami
I told a friend that I keep having dreams about earthquakes. He suggested I read this.

The Forgiveness Parade by McDaniel
so excited to read these poems. Ashlee posted The Quiet World by McDaniel on her blog a bit ago and I’m hooked. Love this dude.

Stardust by Gaiman
I had this but gave it to a friend. Its been on my list since I saw the movie.

Check it:

Bill Cosby’s face created out of jello shots (also please check this out: a jumper for amy)

When driving becomes font making

David Lynch TV

Dan Rhodes

The High Line: yes please

I need you more than i love you and i love you to bits



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  • Alison says:

    I’m up later than I should be and ended up on facebook? which I followed to your blog. Two things: 1) you should stay in Seattle longer so we can play when I move back, and 2) I want blind date info!!

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