happiness is a…..

February 3, 2009 § 5 Comments

portland, oh portland!
*bridge city*

I hadn’t been back to Portland since the ten year reunion weekend in September. When I first moved back to the northwest, I visited quite a bit-well definitely more in the first 6 months than in the last 9 months or so. I love portland!

When I visited in September, I felt the most disconnected I’ve ever felt about the place and it really threw me for a loop. Part of my experiences there, I’m realizing, are directly related to the mental space I’m in at the time. I’m sure of it!

The weekend trip I just took down to p-town was one of the best times I’ve had there in recent memory! It was a combination of wonderful chats and hang-outs, baking, basketball games, good food, droney music a la thrones, valentines making with inspirational gals and chill time with a good pal at a couple of different coffee shops. This was the most relaxed weekend I’ve had in a very long time. I mean, I’ll have a relaxed weekend here in Seattle, but getting out of my zone, routine, space was so great! It was that much easier to disconnect from those stress wires that are always there even if they aren’t firing anxiety-laden currents.

As the weekend progressed, I wondered if Portland was a more relaxed place than Seattle and that’s what I need…and in the dude dept: How come some portland dude is totally cool hitting on me at a bar/show-talking about my jeans like its nothing, while in seattle this is a relatively rare occurance-not cause my jeans aren’t up for discussion in seattle, but perhaps because the people are of different substance. What’s up with Portland folks being so chill and laid back and cool just getting into a conversation with complete strangers? I love it!

I’ve had many talks with Jonathan about people here in Seattle. Like scene, hipster-like people-how they seem sort of guarded or unwelcoming at times-have a difficult time stepping out of their zones. I don’t necessarily feel that alot here, but I definitely didn’t feel the seattle-like vibe last weekend in Portland. Was it because I was totally comfortable with myself-with close buds, or is it something else….I’ve met some pretty stellar outgoing laidback people here in Seattle…..I think its something else…I think its more to do with me and my attitude and expectations….maybe? Maybe I need to shake things up a bit here! Make some changes. Get out of my routine! Get out of my head. Get out of my comfy home!


So, I got back to Seattle early yesterday evening. Stopped at a few stores at south center, then made my way home. I was really curious to talk to my brother and see how the move went on Saturday into his new place. I hadn’t talked to him since Thursday. So I called him up and then made my way over to check out the new pad. Oh man!! What a cute, large but cozy house! It was love at first sight. As I walked to the front door, winding up the headphones around my ipod, I took in the awesomeness of the house’s sturdy bricks and classiness of the old wood door with a cool glass window on top.

As the dudes fueled up on some din, and Paul finished up his first try at making some homemade bier…I checked out the house. First floor. Second floor. Peeked behind doors and in cupboards. Down the stairs outside to the rad backyard..Back up and inside. Then down again to the basement…..and then it really hit me…”I love this place! I want to live here!”

I knew the idea of a fifth roommate had been thrown around-there is definitely the space…so I put it out there and low and behold, they were totally down! And I decided pretty rashly that I would move in! AH!! And since, the thought “what am I doing?” floats by occasionally…but…I DO know what I’m doing! I’m gaining a rad house with lots of room for things I want: a space for sewing, a backyard for hanging, a super short walk to the lake, a short jaunt to the library and my gym, rad fellows to hang with, a blank slate of a room I can make my own in my own space downstairs, the opportunity to save a chunk of money each month…and walking distance to Krystal’s! This is what I need! I’m really excited! Just waiting on official approval..but planning on moving in by march!


weekend fun:
drinks and talk: republic cafe
drinks and music: someday lounge
decaf soy latte & honda honda: half&half
books and happiness: powell’s
arts and crafts: valentines
food, brew, good company: liberty glass
trailblazing basketball: rip city
coffee, computer and chat: albina press

looking forward to reading:
small is possible
the urban homestead
what i talk about when i talk about running

can’t get enough:
crystal stilts
the walkmen
bon iver
the sea and cake


§ 5 Responses to happiness is a…..

  • Smitty says:

    Sounds like good ol’ P-Town treated you well! What Blazers game did you go to? Good times?

  • morganel says:

    Yes! Portland was great last weekend! I saw the Blazers play the Jazz on Satruday evening! Great game! My section won a free cheesburger and they scored over 100points, so we all got a chulupa 🙂 too bad I don’t eat either of those! And Ashlee got on TV! Fun times!

  • Smitty says:

    Score! Gotta love winning free food, even food nobody really likes. I think I have about 10 free chalupa coupons I never use. But I still cheer like crazy for 100 points every time I go to a game and chant “Cha-lu-pa!!”

    Glad you had fun. Keep up your sweet blogging skillz…

  • Alison says:

    a new place! that sounds exciting 🙂 where is it…? i noticed you mentioned a lake – green lake? lake union? looking forward to seeing you again next month!

  • morganel says:

    its off of greenlake! like block away! just found out I can move in march1 1! i’ll paint and set-up before then though! super excited! yeah! it’ll be totally fun to have you visit! hope alyssa’s still doing the pajama thing! 🙂 fun!

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