i’d rather dance

January 18, 2009 § Leave a comment


lots of reading

loving the seattle library system! they have everything! i’ve been requesting cds and books like mad and just walking down to the street to pick them up at my convenience! so nice.

lots of long walks-had a nice long walk to the market early yesterday morning…stopped in at the french bakery for an almond croissant and a latte. it was so nice to walk through the city in the chilly air of the morning and the sun has been out the last two days! SO nice! after I finish with some baking, I’m going to walk up to volunteer park for a bit.

lots of music-thanks to all who’ve sent me mixes, cds and recommendations lately! totally digging immersing myself in these! i’ve been crazily making mixes lately-almost done with the second winter mix and creating a new workout mix…

hanging with awesome folks after work each night (except thursday-late night at work) highlights: evan made this killer pad thai from scratch! and I got to finally try skillet at the sound speed hosted greendrinks this week-the couscous was AMAZING! with feta, cauliflower, raisins, walnuts..

bsg began its final decent…i felt so weird after watching this last episode. it was so depressing and left me with lots of questions!

i’ve been saving food waste separately from other trash since finding out i can throw this in the yard waste receptacle! seattle’s awesome! my trash can barely needs emptying as most of the things i throw away are either recyclable or food waste! i’m looking for a good like composting type container. i’ve been using a plastic container that mixed greens came in and its been working ok…but its approaching gross and can sometimes get a bit smelly..any recommendations? i saw this awesome one the other day i think i’ll end up grabbing, but i’m totally down for recommendations!


looking forward to:

book shopping after work with a friend tomorrow

happy hour with my coworker friends wednesday-then LOST-

girls night out with krystal friday

mighty tiger on the 26th

hanging with portland friends down there the weekend of the 30th-add a little powell‘s action. a little half&half action. sweet!

phoenix in less than a month! so excited! it was like 82 degrees there one day last week. wtf?!

then….steven‘s here with david byrne!! SO excited to see him!!

repeat on the ipod:
kings of convenience-riot on an empty street
xiu xiu’s version of under pressure-oh man! SO great! i really can’t stop listening to this song! it may become a problem…
midlake-the trials of van occupanther
richard swift-ground trouble jaw
lazarus-like trees we grow up to be satellites
the cave singers-invitation songs


hit play on this video, get up and groove a little. imagine me doing the same thing at the same time. then we’ll be dancing together!


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