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December 29, 2008 § 5 Comments

the end of the month. the end of the year

50th st

things I am happy about right this second:

I’ve weaned myself off of the need to listen to music to fall asleep. I started listening to music as I fell asleep mostly due to anxiety. It helped me relax and took my mind off the repeating to do lists that can start up right before bed. Also, when I had the mouse scare, I was really nervous that I’d hear it in the quiet and dark of the night when I’m trying to relax into peaceful sleep. The good thing is that I haven’t heard it after its initial visit. Or seen it. These are VERY good things and I have serious issues with rodents as most people who know me know! I was seriously thinking I would need to move if there were mice. I’m getting creeped just thinking about it, so I’m going to stop writing about it now. *I’m really glad there are no mice in my apartment because I love my apartment. I’m also super happy I don’t *need* to listen to music to fall asleep!*

One of the four movies I watched a couple of days ago-during my sit on the couch and drink wine and watch movies for hours zone out- just happened to be a sad movie. Yes that’s right! I watched a (sorta) sad movie: The Notebook. What a good movie! I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it earlier…I didn’t cry as hard as Alison. In fact I didn’t really cry. I just got a little teary….But it was a good move as I have SO not been into sad movies or books recently….And although I found out this evening that they were planning on tricking me into watching PS I Love You (a sad flick I’ve refused to see) I have indeed accepted the offer to watch it with Michele and Alyssa in the very near future. This is totally a good move forward for me. Thank you The Notebook for priming me! Next sad thing to tackle: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I was having the “I’m not into sad shit” talk with Jonathan last night and he brought up the book! He’s the second friend to recommend it recently…Anyway, he wants to re-read it with me asap. We feel a sad long book could be just the right thing for the winter. Plus it involves time travel!!! Has to be awesome! Any other takers? Anyone want to start a mini book club? I think that would be just awesome!

I’ve been WAY into Philip Glass again the last few days and I’m TOTALLY diggin this Minus the Bear album-Acoustics-that my brother has been listening to in his trusty Subaru as we’ve been traveling around the last week and a half. The whole album is very good but I’ve totally been diggin the song “Guns and Ammo” like on repeat for the last couple of days! Trying to learn the words….Speaking of music…..

I’m totally organizing all of my music. This has needed to be done for a very long time! I’m very happy I decided to start this project! The worst part of the process is organizing all the random mixes, samplers and cds of shows that aren’t labeled. Its been fun to go through them though even though its also very time consuming. I found a cdr with a squares song on it that was remixed!! I had never heard this mix and I don’t know who remixed it. When I stuck it in the computer, iTunes lists the song as something TOTALLY random that has nothing to do with squares or the song. Anyway, the song is “oceans and trees” and I think it must have been the dude who recorded us because the vocal tracks that were used were not the ones that we ended up using in the final product. VERY WEIRD. Another awesome find: some songs James and Aaron and I recorded one summer at this crazy house that I was house sitting. One song was like 15 minutes of Aaron playing some awesome guitar and James and I messing around making weird sounds and singing and talking through different effects/pedals…and another was over 20 minutes with Aaron playing the guitar and James and I finding random things to make noise with! Oh! Such good times and memories!! I can’t believe that was like seven years ago?! Crazy how time flies. Seriously! At that same house, Aaron fell asleep one night on the couch with a beer bottle in his hand and the next night the bottle was replaced with a remote. Haha!! And it was the funnest thing ever to jump on the trampoline with James as he is incapable (or at least was!) of successfully jumping on it. His legs would just collapse under him each time he tried to jump up…this made me laugh-hard!

natalie and seattle

Thoughts of the lovely afternoon I had sledding with friends…Natalie, Matt and Melissa and I went sledding at Gas Works and got drinks and snacks at the Pacific Inn. I wish everyday of this crazy weather situation was as good as that afternoon. I haven’t laughed that hard forever!!! The big hill at Gas Works was basically a mound covered in ice (the snow was SO packed from people sledding down it for a couple of days). I continually had major problems making it to the top and would end up sliding back down because my boots weren’t able to get me up the slick hill! I got going SUPER fast on this disc sled that some dude let me borrow and even got some air a couple of times. I yelled and laughed really loudly each time I flew down the hill…Natalie went around and grabbed all sorts of items left behind by previous sledders who were too lazy to take their makeshift sleds with them when they were done-then she tried all of them out! There was the random small piece of black plastic; the couch cushion covered with a plastic garbage bag; a mat/cushion for like an outdoor lounge chair…..For the most part, nothing she tried was really successful. BUT the trash bag shorts-as-sleds were by far the funniest thing Melissa and Natalie tried. I was happy to use the awesome plastic sign Melissa brought from work and the above mentioned super quick disc! On our last trip down the hill, we all took off at once. Matt and I doubled up on the sign while Natalie and Melissa took a running start in their plastic bag shorts. I shot a video of this and its totally awesome and ridiculous. I’m laughing ridiculously the whole way down until Matt and I crash! It was ridiculously fun! Can I use the words ridiculous or ridiculously any more?! Yes I can!

I received a very awesome food processor as a Christmas gift. I am SO excited to start making awesome food with this. Any requests or suggestions are totally welcome! I will definitely be making the following in the near future: hummus, salsa, pesto, this awesome balsamic vinaigrette. I’m interested in trying out the dough blade that came with it. Not sure what kind of baked item I will try out first. I’d like to make a feast and have people over. I need to think of an awesome menu in which I can use the food processor as much as possible in the process!!

I made two trips to the airport today and got to hang and drink with two different friends at two different times-and both friends live in West Seattle! There ended up being three of us on the second trip as Ben joined Brad and I at Proust (the West Seattle version of course)! Fun!!


I’ve been able to fully relax with so much time off of work. I feel normal again. At least as normal as I can. I wish I could have a week and a half off of work every other month or so. I think that would most definitely help keep me sane. This week, we don’t have kids, so that will be pretty awesome. And this week is New Years! Not sure what I’m doing New Years Eve quite yet. I may meet up with Jonathan, Pony and Alicia. But I DO know what I’m doing New Year’s Day night! I’m going to a show at Healthy Times Fun Club! The last time I went to a show/party there I had a wonderful time with Jonathan and crew and met this fun dude who dragged me out to dance and then really wanted to take me out to lunch in Bellevue when he found out we both worked in Bellevue. But when I told him I usually don’t have much time for lunch and its very difficult for me to leave work, he insisted on bringing me my favorite sandwich one day the following week. He didn’t end up bringing me a sandwich..hahaha…but we hung out for a bit after that night which was fun…

I have a lot of really fun trips I’m planning coming up in the next few months: Phoenix in February, New York and New Orleans in April! What?!!? I know! Also! Alison is going to visit at the end of January and Steven will be here performing with David Byrne (crazy!?!) in February!!! So great! I need to figure out something for March! We don’t have any days off in March so I may take the train down to Portland for a weekend to tide me over till April!


December was an interesting month. I learned some new things about myself and my abilities to adjust to being stuck in one place….I also learned new things about other people that I was not previously aware of. This made the month-along with the snow storms-really interesting! We started the party jar in my classroom and cussing has been reduced drastically!!!!! I watched a ridiculous amount of movies during my stay at Matt’s and on my own this last Friday evening. I made some awesome food this month and am looking forward to using the following three items as much as possible in the coming days and months: rice cooker, crock pot, food processor!!!! I also plan to do some more baking. I’ve been on a major baking spree: breads, pizza, cookies, pies…..oh man!! So great!

Other notable events this December that have not been previously noted:

I sort of got into a car accident with Matt and Natalie. We were basically screwed trying to get out of Capitol Hill one evening last week. We found ourselves forced to go down this crazy hill which went right into a busier street…there was no way to go back the way we came, so we just went for it! We bounced off the left hand curb a few times and ended up getting stuck on the corner just missing a pole and sliding right into traffic! Matt got pissed at me because I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a little funny! And I was scared! I found out I laugh sometimes when I’m scared! Natalie and I had to push the car off of the snowy corner.

Christmas Eve was spent drinking, watching Christmas movies, eating pizza and playing Mexican train dominos with my brother and parents.



January goals:
Stay positive
Drink more water
Go to more shows
Watch more sad movies
Run more than I did in December
Ski!!! Ski!! Ski!!!!!


§ 5 Responses to skip to the end

  • Alison says:

    Aw PS I Love You is a good movie! If only I were not so far away I’d invite myself along for your movie night… 🙂 I’m glad to hear things are going well for you – vacation is definitely helpful! And I’m jealous of all of your trips. The next time you come to the east coast you should really swing by Boston…

    it’s hard for me to imagine there being so much snow in Seattle that you could sled at Gas Works even though I know you guys got a ton. I love the descriptions of make-shift sleds – I guess they don’t really sell sleds out there…

  • Colleen says:

    PS I Love You is seriously the SADDEST movie I have ever watched, The Notebook is second. I don’t think there was a moment throughout the entire movie that I was not crying. The Time Traveler’s Wife is AWESOME, highly recommend it, and I also REALLY recommend PS I Love You, it is the type of love I think we all crave! Single, married, widowed, divorced, it is a classic!

  • morganel says:

    PS I Love You: Saddest movie ever! I know!! Well, I don’t know from like first hand knowledge, because I still haven’t seen it, but yes, I heard its like the saddest. But I’ll be brave! 🙂 I’ll have my DC ladies with me, so it’ll be cool. *Wish you were here for the viewing too Alison! I would say we could wait till your here….yeah! maybe we can wait till your visit! I’ll talk it over with the ladies tomorrow!** When I do watch it, I’ll be sure to you know what I think Colleen! And once I start the Time Traveler’s Wife! I’ll make sure to check in with you! I’ve heard from so many people that its amazing. Really looking forward to it………………………………………..

  • Smitty says:

    PS I love you sent Laura and I into a funk after we watched it…

  • morganel says:

    Jeff, I know! I’m nervous about that! We were supposed to watch it on Thursday, but Michele wasn’t feeling well. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve seen it!

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