December 22, 2008 § 3 Comments


movies watched in the last two days: five
snowball fights: one
snowmen: one
falls by slipping on ice: two
pushed over into the snow onto a curb: once
large bruises: two
ieps written: one
books finished: one
cups of soy nog consumed: two


Its been snowing here like crazy. And I’m feeling a little crazy. Its been an interesting few days.

I’ve experienced thundersnow for the first time on Thursday. I was frightened an earthquake was rumbling towards me or something scary was about to happen. When it was just good old thundersnow! The clouds exploded and the snow fell towards the earth for the rest of the day……….

I’ve been staying at my brother’s since Friday because I was going a little insane being by myself and only being able to go as far as my feet would allow me on icy sidewalks and snowy icy roads.

Yesterday afternoon before the snow started again, Matt and I ran a couple of errands including a stop at Krystal’s to visit Krystal and Maci and drop off a couple gifts…and then on to the grocery. I used my energy the rest of the day creating a wonderfully large pot of chili and delicious garlic bread. Then I proceeded to bake an apple crisp and an apple pie.

Matt went out in the blizzardy conditions to pick up Natalie at the airport. By the time he got there, the flight had been diverted to San Fran and Natalie would be staying there overnight. So Matt made his way back in the shitty conditions only to find us (Paul, Evan and I) standing out in the weather in front of his apartment building. But it wasn’t just the three of us out there! It was the whole complex! The complex’s fire alarm went off, we evacuated and two fire trucks showed up. They both had ladders-one had a ladder with a little dude in a little box! I liked that the best!

Anyway, it was getting quite chilly and we couldn’t do anything but wait while the axe carrying firemen checked out the place, so we took a walk to Pies and Pints and decided to wait it out there. For some reason, I hadn’t wanted to check this place out before, but it has now become the neighborhood spot for the guys…and it was indeed pretty rad! They vibe was cool. A warm atmosphere and they were playing super cool music. I got a chamomille tea, Matt got a Manny’s, Evan got a Thomas Kemper Rootbeer, and I think Paul had some water. We shared some fries. There was a cute dog walking around. He looked very much like a dog made for the winter. I have no idea what kind of dog or why exactly he looked like a winter dog, but he did!

After our little break out of the snow, we decided to walk back to get the verdict. Was the place burning to the ground? Would my laptop be melted to nothing and the books that I brought along for the weekend turn to ash? The answer: no! The place was not burning down. Instead, the place now had no water! A pipe had burst! So we planned out how we would work the water situation and it ended up working out just fine because at this point it was almost 12am and a plumber was promised for the morning…we would just drink bottled water and not flush the toilet unless it was necessary.

Matt and I stayed up and watched Love Actually. Paul was up into the wee hours on the computer. Evan went to bed. And the water was fixed before the need to use the toilets, take showers, make tea, etc….reached a potential crisis this morning!! But I have to say that it was definitely an experience!


Natalie made it to town late this morning. I had a very lazy very sleepy morning. I waited to really wake up until about eleven a.m. I had been up a couple of times to grab my computer, send a text, answer the multiple calls from my parents… It was nice to keep it lazy. Once I woke up, I was still the only one in the living room and found myself in control of the remote! This is a rare occasion over here! I figured out the insane Xbox/Computer set-up to access Curb Your Enthusiasm. I watched the first episode of the fourth season. It was ridiculous and great.

*side note: I found out recently that Larry David will be staring with Evan Rachel Wood in the newest Woody Allen movie: Whatever Works. Henry Cavill from the movie Stardust is also in this movie! He was Humphrey*

This afternoon, Natalie and I played in the snow. Later on when Matt and Natalie left for a night in Seattle, Evan, Paul and I made a trek to the grocery. Evan made these amazing sandwiches for dinner. And I’ve been on the phone and chatting on the internet since. I’m a little bored/don’t know what to do with so much free time and being pretty confined to one space.

*evan just made me a chocolate milkshake! sweet!*


keeping me sane:


beautiful photos


reading best of lists:

james’ top 50 albums of the year

best music video of the year according to the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones

xlr8tr has some cool best of lists by some cool artists on their site.

pitchfork’s best 100 tracks of 2008


writing emails to friends near and far


finding cool new-to-me magazines:



i *have* to see them live sometime! oh man!

*and you. you knew the hand of a devil. and you. kept us awake with wolves teeth. sharing different heartbeats in one night*


wheat toast



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  • Smitty says:

    Glad you’re surviving! Pies & Pints sounds like my kind of place. I’d definitely enjoy sipping on a Manny’s Pale Ale with you and Matt sometime. … Love Actually is awesome. We actually watched it last night with friends to cap Laura’s birthday. The porn couple is the best!

  • Alison says:

    I’m amazed that you would’ve been uninterested in going to Pies and Pints – what could possibly be wrong with that combination?? I’ve been there once actually, it is a cool place ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe Seattle has that much snow! I’ve still got you beat in terms of accumulation, but out here we have plows… I love the pictures!

  • morganel says:

    Jeff! Next time you’re in town, we’ll meet up with you for a beer! That would be lovely. Love Actually is a great holiday movie! That couple is indeed quite funny! Love it!

    Alison! Seriously! The snow is ridiculous! I wish you still lived here! I’d make you come sledding with me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow: an afternoon sledding excursion to gas works!

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