let the right one in

November 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

vampires. cookie mountain. m.j.

i saw paris vu par last week. very good!

need to see:
let the right one in: if you’re going to see a vampire movie see this one! my brother watched it this weekend and is sure it will get an oscar. i read a blurb in the new yorker and was slightly turned off by the word “horror” but i’ve been assured its horror in the bloody sense not the suspenseful sense, so i’m totally down…this swedish vampire-in-love story seems sorta awesome sorta sweet.

synecdoche, ny



nick and norah’s infinite playlist-i was in ny when this was being filmed last december. i was staying with my friend jennifer at her and her husbands apt right near madison square garden. all of the actors’ trailers and make-up trailers, etc were lining the street to her house. i kept hoping i’d see michael cera, but didn’t get lucky!

at home waiting to be watched:
curb your enthusiasm: season 3 volume 2-i’m catching up slowly but surely

-repeat on the ipod-
from stardust to sentience.high places
i was a lover.tv on the radio
laugh now.little wings
lay and love.bonnie prince billy
pomade suite version one.prefuse 73
crank heart.xiu xiu
josh has a crush on a femme from reed.new bad things



learning to love you more

love is simple

*from what i’ve seen you are magnificent*


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