“I’m ready. Why aren’t you?”

November 4, 2008 § 3 Comments

My intentions are good: how I’m trying to keep up

My brother and my parents and I started this workout competition a few weeks ago. My brother and I are on a team and my parents are on a team and we keep track of the days that we work out together as a team on a calendar. It has to be a team thing to count because the idea is to keep each other motivated to workout. So, after a bit, we all meet up and go out to dinner. We bring our calendars and whichever team worked out the least pays for dinner! This has been working out pretty well so far in motivating my brother and folks to work out more. I think my parents are kicking our ass though! We have yet to meet for our first dinner.

I’ve really been trying to take my vitamins regularly and I limit the amount of sweets and dairy I buy and eat. Its pretty easy for me to not regularly buy stuff for home, but man I have a sweet tooth and love cheese. So I usually have some Old Amsterdam in the fridge (this is seriously the best cheese especially on like a (creamy) tomato pasta sauce) and some brownie mix in the cupboard and that’s about it. I guess I usually have some unsalted butter in the door of the fridge too because I like to bake unhealthily from scratch now and then. Lately I’ve been eating these awesome ginger snaps with some tea in the evening.

Reading everyday is super important to me, even if its for only a little bit. I will try and read an article or two online-usually The New York Times, The New Yorker or BBC News. Or I’ll read a bit of a novel/book I have going.

I’m trying to get back into the nightly routine of drinking some awesome chamomile tea and working on some sudoku before bed to relax my body and brain. I’m finding that sudoku is great for getting my mind off things I’m anxious about. My mom gave me this sudoku book a while back that is pretty killer-like its awesome but hard.

Ten Goals for November:
1. Work out everyday
2. Start rowing again with my club
3. Go to more shows
4. Leave work by 5pm each day, 4pm would be ideal
5. Get together with friends more during the week
6. Make a bold move. You DC ladies know what I’m talking about.
7. Knit and crochet with Krystal regularly
8. Make a pie I’ve never made before
9. Watch one movie a week
10. Do something I’ve never done before


Albums I can’t stop listening to the last few days:
Elvis Perkins.Ash Wednesday
Deerhoof.Offend Maggie
Broken Social Scene.Broken Social Scene
Bon Iver.For Emma, Forever Ago

*I’ve completed two mixes for the fall. If you’d like one or both and they’re not already on the way, let me know and I’ll hook you up!*


§ 3 Responses to “I’m ready. Why aren’t you?”

  • Alison says:

    ooo! can i get mixes…? 🙂 I like your goals for the month – those are great. now i’m starting to think about my own, slightly less ambitious goals… the workout competition is a great idea too! I enjoy reading your blog. Anyway, happy election day 🙂

  • morganel says:

    thanks for reading alison!!! pop me a message or email with your address and i’ll send them right out!!!

  • michele says:

    Wow, some ambitious goals lady! Let’s hear it for the BMs! 😉

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