“so glad to meet you!” “word.”

October 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

first post! word to ya motha!


new-to me-things I<3:

Smith is not entirely new to me as I have now been there four or five times, but I love this place. Its just a nice crisp fall evening walk up to 15th to enjoy some lovely sweet potato fries and a delightful Belgian beer. An unpretentious pub with a great jukebox, warm ambiance and tasty food!

xlr8r = great articles, great videos, great mp3s. How did I not know about this sooner?!

Mighty Tiger aka harmony central! Saw them on Friday at the Comet Tavern. I went to see Arrington De Dionyso not knowing the other bands and was pleasantly surprised by these mighty singers looking for a drummer. First show I had been to in months and it didn’t disappoint. They are playing a house show in Fremont on the 31st…there is SO much going on that night, including an awesome party/show in Ballard thrown by Jonathan and Pony, so may not make it over to see the tigers but will be on the lookout for their next show.

Rachel Maddow, oh yes! I don’t have cable and haven’t heard her on Air America, but was encouraged to check out her podcast. Love it! Great attitude…sorta Keith Olbermann style but doesn’t seem as cynical.

These are not quite new, but are in the running to be my new glasses!

An urgency to get to Paris as quickly as is possible!!!


repeat on the iPod:

american names.sebastian grainger and the mountains
gang bang suicide.kevin drew
complement song.lucky dragons
little kids.deerhunter
plans (covered by band of horses).grizzly bear
blindsided.bon iver
tall hat.damiak

*excited to start this blog!!*


§ 3 Responses to “so glad to meet you!” “word.”

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